PIECES for ensembles


Here is a selection of pieces that I wrote for ensembles / or where they are an essential part of :

  • Immutable mobile – 2022
    for violoncello (Maiken Beer), accordion (Bojana Popovicki), percussion (Igor Gross), electronics (Peter Kutin) & rotating light-object

  • The fortune you seek is in another cookie – live score – 2021
    for and with electronics, percussion, drums, harpischord, voice and guitar (performed by Isabella Forciniti, Carolina Preuschl, Lukas König, Peter Kutin)

  • HEAT – 2020
    for hurdy-gurdy (Mathias Loibner), percussion (Igor Gross), violoncello (Maiken Beer, Meaghan Burke), double-bass (Manu Mayr), piano (kutin / kindlinger) & thermal imagery

  • Steam Pipes for Studio Dan – 2020
    for seven custom made steam-pipes, violoncello (Maiken Beer), trombone (Daniel Riegler), alto saxophone (Viola Falb)

  • Tarzan – 2018
    for multichannel soundenvironment (Peter Kutin), percussion, accordion, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinets, animal-voices performed by students of the int. Musikferienkurse Darmstadt

  • Homo Sapiens – live score – 2018
    for santur (Stefan Fraunberger), percussions (Katharina Ernst, David Schweighart), paetzold-recorder (Angelica Castello), electronics & guitar (Peter Kutin)

  • Ventil – AV Live Band – since 2015
    drums (Katharina Ernst), bass and electronics (Florian Kindlinger), synthesizer (Michael Lahner), guitar & electronics (Peter Kutin) + live video-animations (Conny Zenk)

  • Shrack – Live Band – since 2013
    drums (David Schweighart), santur (Stefan Fraunberger), guitar and electronics (Peter Kutin)

  • Environment 2 – 2013
    for santur (Stefan Fraunberger), percussion (David Schweighart), violoncello (Reka Kutaš), double-bass (Matija Schellander), steam-pipe (Peter Kutin), the old nordwestbahnhof in Vienna at midnight and electroacoustic amplification (Peter Kutin)

  • Environment 1 – 2011
    for double bass (Christian Weber), bassoon (Christoph Dienz), bass-clarinet (Susanna Gartymayer), percussion (Hannes Lingens), steam-pipe (Peter Kutin), a mountain lake, electroacoustic amplification and wireless headphones transmition (Florian Kindlinger)