cinematic work _ AV installation _ written for ensemble & thermal imagery _ 2020

Ensemble :
Matthias Loibner – Hurdy-Gurdy / Maiken Beer – Violoncello / Meaghan Burke – Violoncello / Manu Mayer – Double-Bass / Igor Gross – Percussions / kutin | kindlinger – Piano, Percussions, Steam-Pipes

A cineastic-version is distributed by Sixpack-Films and had it’s world
premiere at the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) Montreal in 2021.
A three channel installation was premiered at Sonica Festival (Slo) 2021.


Heat is made visible and audible – or the other way around – the pulse and harmony of particular instruments is translated into thermal images: the synesthetic profit of the transformation fuels ever new image/sound discoveries. Florian Kindlinger and Peter Kutin brilliantly adopt this approach in their imagistic musical suite HEAT…  finally, the concluding tableau: the strings of a hurdy-gurdy and diverse sound tracks droningly intertwine before everything gradually begins to dissolve in an increasingly bright image of entropy….
Kindlinger/Kutin have found an apt visual vocabulary for the words Lou Reed once sang in the Velvet’s famous, „White Light, White Heat“: „Aww white heat, it tickle me down to my toes“! (Christian Höller – Translation by Eve Heller)

‚The difference between past and future
only exists when there is heat.‘ 
(Carlo Rovelli)

supported by bmkoes, cultural city of vienna and the SKE Fonds

images © kutin|kindlinger