composition, +60min. for several media branches _ 2023

A site-specific (durational) composition I created in cooperation with Maiken Beer (Violoncello), Florian Kindlinger (sound direction), Christina Kubisch (electromagnetic induction), and Mathias Lenz (mechatronics).

Ideally, the presentation is envisioned without a (singular) central perspective, steering away from the traditional stage setup to embrace a more open (durational) situation, where attendees are encouraged to move freely, but therefore share and experience the same rooms, situations and spaces that are composed in real time by the artists for about 90 to 120 minutes (for a single stage, the piece lasts 60 minutes). The piece premiered at Wien Modern Festival 2023 in the Otto-Wagner Postsparkasse, Vienna.

PHANTOM VOLTAGE is the sonification of a giant hard-ware-hack, written for the ‚Deus ex machina‘.

Composed for:

  • Electromagnetic Induction Loops (Christina Kubisch)
  • Violoncello (Maiken Beer)
  • A selection of DIY kinetic sound-light objects
  • Three cheap commercial LED display
  • DIY latex-speakers (in cooperation with the fine artist Liesl Raff)
  • Four stroboscopes
  • Live electronics
  • A selection of neon lights
  • DIY percussion section (metallophones)


The videos aim to provide you with an impression of how PHANTOM VOLTAGE might feel. However, as is the case with much of my work, it is nearly impossible to document it in a way that preserves its full quality when translated into the video/image realm. This is not art for Instagram; it requires a degree of anticipation. Thank you.