Live AV Project _ since 2022

Patrik Lechner uses AI-trained neuronal networks to create hard-to-categorise and ever-morphing tissue-alike structures that respond and interact with Peter Kutin’s brutalist sonic gestures, being counterpointed by eruptions triggered by the custom-made light-audio-feedback devices of the latter. The duo premiered at MUTEK Montreal in 2022.

Review :

“The Austrian duo contrasted sharply … it kicked off as an oscillator bursted in, hitting a deep, reverberant first thump similar to a steel beam hitting a container. The bang repeated itself, accelerating until deafening, accompanied at full speed by a strobe until blinding. The senses were saturated but luckily the duo moved on to a less aggressive segment fueled by disembodied sounds. The visuals were on par with the performance, taking the form of membranes that vibrate, warp and stretch as if subjected to fatal surgeries. … an intense sensory experience.“