cinematic work about how to crack a massive bullet proof glas pane _ 2017

In the Fifth Wall, kutin|kindlinger replace the cinema-screen through a bulletproof glass pane (originally measured 3x2m). They use extreme physical forces against this wall-of-glass and let us see and listen to them. Impacts that create cracks, cuts, splinters … until it’s finally melted down.
This wall made of glass becomes a cinematic metaphor for a society intrinsically linked to the screen. In times of fragmentation and acceleration, we live more and more through abstraction.

SCREENINGS (selection) :
VIS Filmfestival, Vienna (Gartenbaukino)
Festival du nouveau cinéma / FNC , Montreal
Joanneum, Graz
Breitenseer Lichtspiele, Vienna
Reaktor, Vienna