Composition / Installation _ 2016

Forms of presentation are site-specific (Installation is preferred). The piece premiered as AV-show at LUFF in Oktober 2017 and was shown at TransArt Festival (Bozen), Today’s Art (The Hague), Cafe OTO (London), IZLOG (Zagreb), Struma&Iodine (Vienna), Kesselhaus (Bamberg) …

The central object comprises a 3m x 2m bulletproof glass pane, weighing 400kg. This glass has endured significant physical impacts, meticulously recorded during its internal deconstruction. Employing specialised microphones (accelerators), initially devised as sensors for automobile crash tests, made it possible to capture a wide range of unique textures within both the infra- and the ultrasonic spectrums – frequencies that transcend the human auditory perception. These sonic fragments not only document a process of a physical destruction, they also trace it’s origins.

As a sculptural work, the piece serves as a commentary on our display culture and its intersection with contemporary society, that is intricately tied to our omnipresent screens. Lost amidst the labyrinth of information and dataism, we find ourselves isolated within our bubbles, yet incessantly updated every second. „DECOMPOSITION IV“ functions as a fractured melody, echoing the inherent insecurity of existence, utilising destruction as its evocative sonic catalyst. Even though the bullets remain confined behind the screen, true safety remains an elusive prospect.

A selection of this material has been curated and released as double Vinyl (45rpm) via VENTIL-RECORDS. Additionally, a cinematic adaptation has been produced and showcased at various film festivals.

technical support / sponsoring : LAABER GmbH