Site specific work for a 20m high LED-Audio feedback device & multichannel audio _ live performace _2023

Suspended from the top level of vienna’s Prospekthof (Semper Depot) , a 20 meter led-string spirals downwards. Each light-segment is connected only to one specific loudspeaker. Being intrinsically linked to each other, sound and the light travel through the space synchronised & simultaneously; once light enters the pitch-black room, sound is set into motion. A seducing composition for an audio-light-symbiosis that seems to re-measure the room’s proportions, light it up and finally disappears, leaving back only shadows of resonating sound. Being fully lit, the golden braid seems to cut through the room and it feels as if the light enters from the outside. Accompanied by a noisy scream, all of sudden, there is a crack in the building … where light pours in.

The piece uses the led’s variating voltages as audio-input signals – these are transformed by several custom made software patches in Max-msp in realtime (live). Light becomes the main-force, it controls the dynamic structure of the piece – it produces music from a sound that originates from within itself.

all images © David Visnjic