kinetic audio-video-light-sculpture _ live-performance / installation _ 2020

ROTOЯ confronts the fundamental categories of movement, time, and space …  (Shilla Strelka)

In ROTOЯ, Peter Kutin (concept, composition, live electronics) joins forces with Patrik Lechner (live video projections) and Mathias Lenz (mechatronics) to create a kinetic Audio-Video-Light-Sculpture live performance. Building upon the foundational parameters of Kutin’s kinetic object TORSO#1 from 2018, ROTOЯ intensifies the acceleration on the interdependency of sound, image, light, and object. The piece literally propels the rotating sound-sculpture to stages where it transcends into a hologram-like sonic body, a kinetic performer that navigates through unpredictable heterochronic states, establishing a mesmerizingly complex multimedial-polyrhythm.

the sculpture fans out into geometric forms, bunches into images of a diffused reality. Due to the constant acceleration, it’s no longer possible to perceive the movement in detail, but instead, lines, colors, surfaces, and sounds rush past us. 
In the cyclical movement, image and sound conspire and work towards a dizzying and unreal three-dimensionality, a play of visibility and invisibility, actuality and virtuality, visual abstraction and acoustic affect. (Shilla Strelka)


ROTOЯ – SONIC BODY received the International-Jury-Award for best work at the 27th Videomedeja Festival in Novi Sad 2023;
Jury Statement (excerpt) :
‚A live performance which brings Video art, performance and sculptures to another level… A rotating sculpture, a hologram and at the same time a sound body which is awakened to an ecstatic life…‘ 

It was / will be shown at numerous Festivals and also as a Full-Dome version at SAT Montreal
Selection :

* UT Connewitz / Leipzig (2021), Crossroads Festival / Mozarteum – Salzburg (2021) , Heart of noise Festival / Innsbruck (2021) , Filmfestival Santiago de Compostella (2021) , Impulstanz Festival / MUMOK Vienna (2021) , Spider – Festival of radical Bodies / Ljubljana (2021) , VIS Filmfestival / Vienna (2021) , Mind over Matter – Exhibition / Dresden-Contemporary (2021) , Ann Arbor Film Festival / U.S.A (2020) , Kunstraum Kesselhaus Bamberg / FK:K IV Festival (2020) , Sonica-Festival / Ljubljana (2020) , Musikprotokoll / Steirischer Herbst, Graz (2020) , Mutek Montreal / SAT FullDome  (2020 & 2022) , EMAP networking conference / Kontejner – Zagreb (2022) , Halle G Museumsquartier, Vienna, Wroclav Biennale for Media Arts (PL) , GNRation Braga (PT), Videomedeja Festival Novi Sad, ….further dates TBA.

A cinematic version (14 minutes, HD, 5.1 sound) is distributed by Sixpack-Film. The project has been kindly supported by the Vienna’s cultural department / MA7 Musik.
Images © by Peter Mayr / Martin Gross / SAT Montreal / Huga Salsa for Gnration