... with Lukas König (percussions) and Fridge Brandhi Edmondes (voices) _ since 2019

‘ PLF propel punk’s DIY idealism into a new era … ‘ (John Twells – Unsound Festival)

A trio formed by the iconoclastic drummer Lukas König, instrument maker and sonic dissident Peter Kutin and the scream of consciousness nomad-vocalist Elvin Brandhi aka Fridge. The group released their debut-album EPDEMO on UK’s Opal Tapes, and it successor LP ParziFoooooooooooL via Vienna’s avant-garde platform Ventil-records. With Kutin performing on self-devised light-feedback-machines coupled with an array of synths and König’s percussion-electronics wizardry creating a mesmerising rhythm section, Elvin Brandhi’s feral vocalisations add a unique dimension to their sound … until a mercilessly deconstructed guitar finally takes everything to a completely new level.
PFL present an unorthodox concept of what a band-format can be, standing right at the frontier of sound-art, post-punk, noise-pop and stroboscopic improvisations. Those fortunate enough to witness PLF live know about their potential and the transcendental power of their live-performances, where they seamlessly combine music-light artsitry – all from scratch without back-ups or the usual safety net….

‚… Compelling music for a broken age‘ (Neil Kulkarni about ParziFoooooooooooL/ The Wire Magazine)
‚… The weirdest, most physical pop music in the world…‘ (FM4’s Katharina Seidler about Elevate Festival)
‚… Without any regards to the listener…‘ (Record turn over about the debut album EPDEMO)
‚… Post-punk-industrialism …‘ (The Wire Magazine about the debut album EPDEMO)
‚… One of my virtual highlights was the PLF Trio…‘ (Miloš Hroch about NEXT Festival / The Wire Magazine)

Live appearance include Unsound Festival Krakau, Next – Bratislava, Unsafe & Sound – Vienna, Sonic Acts – Amsterdam, UH -Budapest, Rhizom – Zürich, Cave12 – Geneva, Impulse – Graz, Heart of Noise – Innsbruck amm.

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