Radiophonic composition for WDR3 (studio for acoustic arts) /w Christina Kubisch & Flo Kindlinger _ 2016

radiophonic composition for WDR3 – Studio for acoustic arts _ 52“, 2015

in cooperation with Christina Kubisch and Florian Kindlinger

The piece explores the electromagnetic fields emitted by the artificial lights of the famous ‚Las Vegas Strip‘. During the creation of the Hoover Dam – more and more artificial light were introduced into the natural darkness of the desert – building the foundation of what once became Las Vegas. Desert Bloom listens behind the city’s facade.

A voice – performed by Anat Stainberg – guides the listener through the piece, which stumble’s through the strip’s twisted reality. Desert Bloom was awarded with the Karl Szcuka Award – Donaueschinger Musiktage 2016.